In my private practice I offer therapy sessions rooted in Jungian-oriented Expressive Arts Therapy to individuals, adolescents and couples. As a licensed psychologist and registered expressive arts therapist (REAT), I strive to be caring, curious, kind, working together with each client to develop the trust and support needed for this work. Through the use of arts and personal expression we are able to access emotions in a deep and profound way, to heal trauma and to tap into the meaning and creativity of life. By integrating the body, arts and the soul, we work towards developing fuller, more meaningful lives.

These psychotherapy sessions can be used to address a variety of underlying issues. I suggest a 10-15 minute initial phone consultation to discuss my approach and philosophy and answer any questions.

Private Sessions


My adult client sessions draw on a foundation of art and culture, spirituality and Jungian Psychology. Together we work to create an environment of safety and freedom, where all fears, emotions and desires are allowed. In this place of support and deep trust, one’s images can reveal layers of meaning that can open to more viable life changes.


Using the symbolic language of play and the expressive arts to enter the inner world of a child, I strive to understand the meaning of these images and translate them to words. This play therapy approach helps the child deal with difficult feelings, behaviors and thoughts. Understanding the child’s inner world can also aid parents and educators in making concrete changes in the child’s outer world.


With couples in distress, I help them rebuild their house of marriage or partnership, interweaving the languages of arts, Jungian psychology and couples counseling. Together we address the serious issues in partnership by improving communication, increasing empathy and promoting creative problem solving in their relationship. All sessions generally take place weekly and last for 50 minutes, though more frequent sessions can be arranged.

Training and Supervision

I also provide training and supervision for those working in the field of mental health and personal growth — educators, trainers, life coaches and licensed psychology professionals. I work with budding to seasoned professionals, helping them deepen their work through integrating Expressive Arts and Jungian psychology.