Transforming Your Life Story Through the Expressive Arts

“The more she tells her story,
The more she can let go of it
She keeps changing the story

The story keeps changing her.”

(Knill, Minstrels of Soul)

Each of us holds many stories inside of us from our life experiences. Every person is a natural story teller. All of us tell stories about our lives so that we know ourselves better as well as seeking understanding from others. We remember ourselves and our lives in narratives. These narratives, according to Jung, become the personal mythology we live by. But there are times we become stuck in our stories/myths. Using the creative process through a Jungian expressive arts multi-arts approach, we are able through our imagination to create a new mythology for ourselves. Our story can change and thus open pathways to alternative ways of seeing, feeling and experiencing our lives, freeing us from the past and opening to what is universal in us through the arts, myths and ritual. The story you may tell at the end of this workshop will differ in some ways from the tale you told at the beginning.

Understanding personal myths is important because they do more than reveal how a person sees his/her past: they also act as a sort of script that determines how a person is likely to act in the future. And for those who are living out destructive myths, using expressive arts to gain insights into their myths can help create a new reality.

Using the universal language of the arts, called expressive arts, and the power of play and the imagination, participants will explore the myth they live by currently. Using imaginal play, visual arts, movement, music, drama and poetry and story-telling, participants will open to the potentials untapped inside of them to explore alternate ways of seeing themselves and others.

General Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn how to use storytelling, creative arts, multi-arts processes as avenues for change.

  1. In this workshop, participants will learn the healing nature of story.
  2. Participants will learn the Jungian approach to personal and universal myth making.
  3. Participants will gain a deeper and more expansive grasp of uses of Intermodal Expressive Arts and learn to apply them in their lives.
  4. Learn intermodal multi-arts processes to explore and change their personal mythology
  5. Learn to listen with an ear to emerging story
  6. Develop ease with simple storytelling
  7. Attend to primacy of image and metaphor in their lives


June 11-12, 2014


9am – 5pm


Christ University
Bangalore, India


Yu Bless


Rs 3000 for 3 day workshop


June 22-25, 2014





Course Outline:

1. Day one:

The workshop will be experiential and personal process focused.


Introduction to expressive arts therapy, the power of play, and the creative process as well as introduction to the creative arts modalities and their introduction to drama, myths and story and how they can define and limit our lives.


Deconstructing your story: Using dreams, dramatic play and movement we will explore the conscious and unconscious themes that guide your life

We will also weave the power of Chinese myths as well as cross-cultural myths in helping us de-construct and reimage our lives.

Day two:

Morning: How the story we live changes our relationship to our bodies

The morning will be an exploration of the wisdom of the body. Using movement, dance and music, we will explore our wounds and limitations. Then we will explore creative ways the wisdom of the body can change when we use the expressive arts


We will expand this deconstruction by adding the idea of how culture can define our stories by weaving in themes and processes around culture forms of movement, drama, music, dance and stories.

Day Three:

Morning: We will weave in the power of visual images and how they tell graphic stories. Using visual arts through found objects, drawing, painting, and clay sculpture, we will re-tell our stories in new ways.

Afternoon: we will weave the power of imaginal language arts: especially poetry and ancient oral traditions of community storytelling.

Day four:

Morning: weaving the power of transformative dreams, big dreams as they are called, we will discover ways to transform our stories and not be limited by the scripts we feel we were given.

Using drama, movement, music, visual arts and poetry, each person will create a new myth to live by and share this with the other participants.

We will end with each person being able to deconstruct their stories on a personal and archetypal level through the power of each art modality, dreams and the imaginal language arts, finding untapped potentials and finding new creative and positive ways to live their lives.