Restoring Safety to the Scattered Temenos

Trauma, Neurobiology, Attachment and Expressive Arts Therapy

Presented by Kate T. Donohue
June 27-28, 2014
Wuhan China


Tommy ([email protected])

Trauma, whether childhood or adult, scatters our sense of safety, trust and protection. It destroys the space needed for growth and development, referred to as the Temenos by C.G. Jung ,and potential space by D.W. Winnicott. Additionally, trauma collapses our ability to be flexible and respond to life’s challenges. Neurobiological and trauma research have discovered that a somatic approach, as reflected in (EXAT), as well the latest in neurobiological research as it relates to trauma. Most importantly, participants will experience EXAT processes that can be tailored to many types of trauma as well as the different stages of trauma treatment. These ideas will be explored through experiential process, class discussions, and case presentation.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand and learn how to incorporate the following elements into their lives and work:

  • Learn the basics of trauma theory
  • Learn the basics of attachment theory
  • Learn the basics in neurobiological research as related to trauma
  • Trauma-Expressive arts processes for individual therapy
  • Trauma-Expressive Arts processes for group therapy
  • Expressive arts processes to address different types of trauma
  • Learn Jungian psychology’s unique approach to trauma treatment
  • Expressive arts processes to address different stages in trauma therapy
  • Learn applications of EXAT to participants own work