Introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy

Course Description

The psyche is revealed not only through words, but through images, symbols and the body. The Expressive Arts reawaken the language of image, movement, sound, metaphor, drama and poetic utterances, revealing the deepest aspects of the self and expressing what often cannot be put into words. Drawing, painting, sculpture, movement, dance, sandplay and ritual provide access to your client’s inner world Weaving art processes into clinical and counseling work greatly expands the capacity to articulate-with fullness and specificity-what lies buried within us, by using each modality as it called for in the unfolding process. As both therapist and client work with these healing multi-arts processes, the creative spirit is aroused and the therapeutic process itself is experienced as art.

Integrating clinical and expressive arts theory, experiential process with the arts and clinical applications, participants will learn about

  • their own creative process
  • their artist within
  • expressive arts trauma approaches
  • applications to different psychic woundings
  • applications to diverse cultural groups and individuals
  • growth approaches to consulting and education
  • how to begin to deepen and enliven their practice through the expressive arts


June 9-10, 2014


9am - 5pm


Christ University
Bangalore, India


Yu Bless
[email protected]


Rs 3000 for 3 day workshop