Integrative Seminars in Expressive Arts Therapy


This course is the final class in the EXA masters program and is designed to assist our students in integrating many aspects of their learning in this program: the psychological and EXA theories, experiential learning, personal growth, artistic development, and EXA clinical experience of the practicum. With this integration, students will deepen their understanding of the various EXA approaches and develop their own emerging EXA style or approach.

The various threads of the EXA educational tapestry will be explored through a series of seminars. The first seminar will investigate the needs of different populations with regard to EXA therapy. This seminar will employ personal practicum experiences and current psychological and EXA research in this investigation.

The second Integrative Arts discussion will help students compare and contrast their various approaches to EXA. EXA Faculty will be invited to participate. Students will be asked to probe presenters to help them understand their approach.

The third seminar will be student-directed. Each student will present a cogent exploration of his/her personal journey, philosophical underpinning, current research and how this informed his or her current clinical EXA therapy approach.

The final seminar will be a community arts presentation by the third year students to the larger EXA community of their current artistic experience.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Think critically, theoretically and concretely about EXA approaches.
  • Articulate, use and begin to integrate EXA with other clinical approaches.
  • Solidify a basic understanding about the conduct of psychotherapy.
  • Begin to develop and clarify his/her own professional style, including theoretical consideration, current research and an awareness of one’s own personal gifts, strengths, biases and limitations.
  • Work collaboratively with peers and faculty, forming a collegial identity as developing professionals in the field.
  • Present to the larger EXA community their artistic experienced through a community art presentation.

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