Creative Aging: Expressive Arts with Elders


In this course, participants will explore normative and critical issues that arise in aging through a Jungian expressive arts therapy lens. Expressive arts provides an array of creative ways to connect with physical, emotional, existential and spiritual aspects of the self, allowing elderly clients the freedom to convey their deepest thoughts and feelings, even when their neurological, cognitive and verbal centers have deteriorated, to express grief over regrets and losses in a fuller way, and to manage any anxiety and fear they may have about the experience of death. Participants will leave this course with expressive art techniques they can begin to use with aging clients and their families.

Purpose and Benefits of the Course

This course is designed for emerging and practicing therapists who have an introductory and intermediate understanding of Jungian psychology, expressive arts therapy and the issues of aging. For those who are advanced in any of the above areas, this course will present a different approach and application of these ideas to the issues of aging. Participants will deepen their understanding of these clinical areas and learn to apply these processes in their practices.

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