Reading List: Kinship Libido

Reserved Books in the Library

The Psychology of Transference by C.G. Jung

The Interactive Field in Analysis, (ed.) Murray Stein (especially the article by Verena Kast on the” Concept of Participation”

Transference and Countertransference, (Eds.) Nathan Schwartz-Salant and Murray Stein

Creative Transformations, by Penny Lewis

Authentic Movement: Essays by Mary Stark Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow, (ed.) Patrizia Pallaro

Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology: the Moving Imagination, by Joan Chodorow

The Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy, (Eds.) Ellen and Steve Levine

Minstrels of Soul: Intermodal Expressive Therapy, by Paolo Knill, Margo Fuchs and Helen Nienhaus Barba

Course Readings

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