Kinship Libido and the Participation Mystique: Archetypes, Arts and the Body

“In the deepest sense, we all dream not of ourselves, but out of what lies between us and the other.”

- C.G. Jung

Workshop Description

Though the individuation journey asks each of us to open to the unknown and discover our wholeness, it does not occur in isolation. Kinship Libido, our desire for connection and search for wholeness through relationship, is most dramatically experienced in a collaborative weaving of the arts.

This workshop will invite participants to engage in an expressive arts approach, exploring the intersubjective relationship between the individual and the collective that Jung understood as the participation mystique. Through this experience we will discover what evokes and nourishes relationship, illuminating the power of creativity and the participation mystique in this transformative process. Beginning with storytelling evoked by sacred found objects, participants will investigate how images hold intrapsychic, interpersonal, and transpersonal meaning for the individual and for the group.

Concepts that will be examined include the participation mystique/intersubjective field, the power of images to evoke and explore the transcendent function, and a theoretical approach to weaving the arts into healing and transformative tapestries.

Participants, individually and through group interaction, will then apply these concepts in an experiential process integrating Authentic Movement, Visual Arts, and Poetry. A form of Jung’s active imagination, Authentic Movement invites a descent into the body and psyche within a safe environment; an opportunity to bring awareness, expression, and form to the soul’s deeper callings as they are expressed through natural movement.

Fresh from their own inner landscape, participants will discover how each person’s mysteries may have been revealed in the encounter with others and deepened through this interaction. Together, we will discover ways each individual informs the collective and the collective informs the individual in the vibrant web of life.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand and learn how to incorporate the following concepts into their lives and work:

  • The concept of the “participation mystique” and how it informs the intersubjective experience of an individual and the community.
  • How the arts are integral in the development of the intersubjective experience of the individual and community.
  • The relationship between Authentic Movement (embodied active imagination) and other Expressive Arts Therapies.
  • How to access images in a variety of creative modalities, exploring their intrapsychic, interpersonal, and transpersonal aspects.

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