Consultation Groups & Professional Seminars

These seminars are geared to professional development for licensed therapists and registered expressive arts therapists.

Upcoming Programs

Tending the Soul of the Caretaker through the Expressive Arts (download .pdf flyer)

May 20 & 21, 2019
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Archive of Past Jungian Expressive Arts Workshops and Trainings

Kate has been presenting an array of topics in her Jungian expressive arts workshops and trainings. She has developed this archive of past workshops for your review. Kate is open to presenting what is listed, modifying it or creating a new workshop theme. Please review and then contact Kate directly to discuss future workshops or trainings.

Introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy

What is Expressive Arts

Deepening Psychotherapy When Guided by Images

“the concept of expressive arts”

A Jungian Expressive Arts Approach to Dreams

Exploring Dreams Through a Jungian Expressive Arts Approach

Dream Weaver
A Jungian Approach to Symbol and Expressive Arts Therapy
(download .pdf flyer page 1) (download .pdf flyer page 2)

Exploring Dreams (download .pdf flyer)

Introduction to Jungian Psychology through the Expressive Arts

EXA and Jung: The Symbolic Process

Kinship naturally exists between expressive arts therapy and Jungian psychology. Both are image-based approaches to understanding and healing the psyche and each emphasizes the symbolic process in its own unique fashion. This course weaves together the theory and practice of both these approaches into a Jungian-oriented EXA healing tapestry of images, emotions, understanding and transformation. The class explores the basic concepts of Jungian psychology and compares and contrasts them to EXA theory. Learning will be through experiential process, creative discussions, class reading and experiential and academically based assignments.

Introduction to Jungian Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy

Trauma and the EXA

Grief and the EXA

Using the Multi-Cultural EXA with Death, Dying and Grief
(download program flyer .pdf)

Families and Couples

What’s a Parent to Do? Expressive Arts: Exploring New Ways to Improve Family Communication and Interactions

Using Expressive Arts in the Age of Anxiety

How to Understand the Dynamics of Family and Couples through Expressive Arts

Two-day Workshop on: After the Sweet Bird of Youth: Exploring the issues of aging through Expressive Arts Therapy

Legacy of Images/Supervision

Sand, Symbol and Self:
An introductory workshop to using sandplay as an expressive arts tool

EXA Cultural Journeys

Sankofa Expressive Arts Cultural Journey

The Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy
(download .pdf flyer)

The Mystery & Soul of the Indigenous Arts of India
The Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy
(download .pdf flyer)

The Rhythms and Symbols of Indigenous Arts of Ghana

The Mystery & Soul of the Indigenous Arts of India