Searching for meaning connects us to the soul and the spirit, resulting in a life that is more open, more joyful and closer to the true self.

My approach to psychotherapy is guided by my passion for art, culture and spirituality. My work marries Jungian oriented expressive arts therapy with a search for what is real, authentic and unique within us. Through the use of arts and personal expression we are able to access emotions in a deep and profound way, to heal trauma and to tap into the meaning and creativity of life. By integrating the body, arts and the soul, we work towards developing fuller, more meaningful lives.

I begin with each client by creating a safe environment—a relationship of deep trust and a place when they can be supported and challenged. In this confidential environment there is no judgment, only understanding. Everything is allowed and accepted—from greatest fantasies to deepest fears. As a practitioner, I strive to be caring, curious, kind, working together with each client to develop the trust and support needed for this work.

Through talking about life history and family background, we begin to discover the significant issues and experiences to be explored. The life story helps us decide what approach to use—beginning either with visual arts (painting or drawing), music, poetry, drama, movement (improvisational dance and authentic movement) or sandplay. Other techniques, such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) may be used for deeper trauma.

By connecting with arts and creative expression on a profound level, we are able to more fully explore and understand our life experiences, wounds and strengths. We are also able to discover the way out from under these obstacles and develop new, more living affirming ways of being. This process of looking at fears and trauma through creativity results in a deeper understanding of the emotions involved, ultimately freeing up energy for new potential. Searching for meaning in this way connects us to the soul and the spirit, resulting in a life that is more open, more joyful and closer to the true self.

My work is also influenced by an exploration of culture, both the cultural background a client was born into as well as any other cultures they may be drawn to. These cultural threads create the tapestry of our lives and add a rich texture to our work. Through exploring these threads we can discover links to our desires, to what is meaningful and to other people. These links provide a direct passage into a more spiritual domain.

While this work can be used for a wide variety of issues and life experiences, it is particularly effective for treating sexual abuse, food and body issues, identity and mood disorders (anxiety and depression), trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome. I work with individuals, couples and children. The individual nature of my work, and the great variety of different arts activities involved, means that it can be fine-tuned to a variety of needs and situations.