Kate T. Donohue, Ph.D. REAT

I am a licensed psychologist and a registered expressive arts therapist (REAT). I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and have maintained an active private practice for 33 years. I have also been teaching for 30 years, at such institutions as California Institute of Integral Studies, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, JFK University and the San Francisco C.G. Jung Institute. I am a cofounder of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and a MCEP and CEU provider.

My work as an expressive arts therapist stems from my own deep and abiding passion for the arts. I am involved in visual arts and dance, having spent 18 years studying indigenous and ethnic dance forms, in particular West African and Afro-Cuban Dance. My visual arts work in painting and drawing has helped me explore an interest in understanding the sacred feminine. I have a background in drama and poetics, and a great appreciation for music. My involvement in arts and culture has made my own life richer, by allowing me to map and understand my own inner terrain.

The scope of my work includes a private psychotherapy practice with individuals, adolescents and couples. Additionally, I work in education and growth training, teaching a variety of classes and workshops to the general public, graduate students and other psychotherapy professionals. I also serve as a mentor to those already working in the field, providing supervision and continuing education credits to renew licensure. I have taught at workshops and conferences in the US and internationally and published in a variety of professional journals including Arts and Psychotherapy Journal, San Francisco Jung Library Journal, Encyclopedia of Creativity and Poiesis Journal.